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MACLAN Designs is a small, veteran owned business located in Maple Valley, Washington. We specialize in web design, web hosting, media and marketing for non-profit, public service, education, military and small business.

MACLAN Designs was established as a licensed business in the state of Washington since 2002. We have always believed that there is a need to provide IT solutions for small business and non-profit groups. With that need on the rise our goals are simple, let us take care of you so that you can take care of your customers and business.

Bryan McNally


I am very pleased with the amount of work that has been put into our site. With Bryan from MACLAN Designs helping us build our site our business has taken off in many different directions!

Dan M. - Burbank, CA

MACLAN Designs brought us back from the stone age in comparison to other sites. Now we have a stronger more pleasing site and it is easier for all to navigate!

David N. - Seattle, WA

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